But enough of that. I've had my say about religion and how I feel about it permeating people's lives. What I care about is Tim Tebow and the perception of him.  I've not watched any of his other games this season.. though I may have caught a snippet here and there.  So I watched him on Sunday afternoon... I can't dissect his play, as I am no football expert.  I wasn't interested in that.  I wanted to see the off-field stuff, how he handled himself, how he acted. And I have to say I was a little disappointed. I wanted to hate him. I still could, if I ever get the impression that its all an act... and Tim's visit to the injured Andre Carter as he was carted off the field was anything less than genuine. Because it could all be an act, or it could be genuine. I may never know, and in the grand scheme of my life it doesn't matter all that much.

We're back to my original point about Tebow, though. And its part of why I question his actions: shilling for hate-mongers. Faith is a great thing.  Blind faith is a horrible thing. Our creator endowed us with intelligence, a moral sense and free will... do you think we are really supposed to abrogate those gifts in favor of interpretations of ridiculous rules and proscriptions laid out over 2000 years ago? That's what blind faith requires: that you shut away the greatest gifts you have been given, and simply accept. The creator never intended it that way, or else we WOULDN'T"T have these gifts.  We'd be the sheep that so many organized religions are so fond of calling us... because that's what they want us to be: a mindless herd that follow orders.

So.. my question, directly to you Tim Tebow (not that you are ever likely to see it), is this: are you a genuine Christian, or are you simply a highly sought after sheep who will allow himself to be prostituted by these pretenders and hate mongers who couldn't really understand the true message that Christ preached if it was tattooed to their foreheads and they had to read it every day?