I have felt the Love of the Great Mother,

She wrapped Her wings 'round me

And by Her Touch I knew I was loved.

I have felt the Light of the All Father

Flowing through my heart --

Pierced by Him, we became One,

And I knew the luminous being

At my core.

In sleep,

Your hand clasps my wrist

As you slip deeper

I expect you to relax, release --

Instead you hold tighter;

Even in sleep , you hold fast.

I listen to the sound of your breath

And lay my head on your shoulder

I had a dream last night --
you took my hand and said to me:

I think about you
Every single day --
If you're not
in my arms
I'm missing you

Last night,
just before sleep
it seemed you
were between us --
each with an arm
around you, at
shoulder and waist.
You were content,
and slept smiling
as I watched
the two of you
feeling whole.