Hemp and Marijuana Reform

I'm sure this section of Chariot's Wheels is going to make me extremely popular with mainstream pagans, and just boost my overall popularity with everyone. Truth is, this is something I feel strongly about; for many, many reasons.

I don't like it when I am lied to. Nor do I like it when people try to convince me that my own personal experience is wrong. And I really don't like it when  groups I am affiliated try to deny their own heritage (and thereby invalidate themselves in my eyes) in an attempt to seem un-threatening to the uniformed or the public at large.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a firm believe in thinking for one's self. "An open mind is the best defense." I'm not here to ram my opinions down your throat. But if I can get you to think, I've done "my job". Because it is about thinking, and forming your own opinion, based on the facts.

I support removal of the prohibition against hemp and marijuana. Wait.. aren't they the same? No.. they're not (Wiki entry on Hemp and yes, I know your arguments against Wikipedia if you are going to throw them at me; but its convenient and a great jumping off place.) There is absolutely no reason for there to be a prohibition against production of industrial hemp in this country; none, period. You can argue all day long for one side or the other: its great or its not as good as other things.  The important thing here is choice: LET PEOPLE CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES. Industrial hemp is not a drug.  It is the same species (Canabis), but after centuries of human cultivation, the tetrahydrocannabinol levels are significantly reduced, and the process of reaping hemp for industrial use generally occurs before the plant flowers (producing the buds that contain the highest levels of THC and are traditionally used medicinally, recreationally and spiritually).

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