Magical Diary

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Io, Hermes!
Sacred Son or Arcadia,
Father to Pan and lover
of Krokos,
Hermes Pompaios
be my guide in all things.

Fill my heart
with glad tidings
and my steps with joy;
enliven my tongue,
hone my wit:
Hermes Dotor Eaon,
smile upon me and mine.

Io, Hermes!
curious monotheism
of a generation,
in Your darkest heart
You could not condone
these perpetrations
in Your Name.
Hermes Epikthonis,
pray for us all.

The obligation is complete.

Gentle Hermes, most kind,
friend of man and woman,
guide to Orpheus and Eurydice
and protector of Persephone;
you come to each of us
as we begin our descent,
prithee come in comely form
to those who know Thee not.
May thy commanding staff
be a symbol of comfort
to those afraid to loose
these mortal bonds.
Hermes, Anubis,
I pray for my honored dead
but also the lost and the lonely,
for the wandering spirits
and all those who have noone to pray for them.
In your names, I pray for them.
may you be a constant and gentle guide
to all those whom you lead.

Hermes Oneiropompos, Heros Propylaios

Hail to Thee, All-Father
Guardian at the Gate.
I come before Thee
armed with oak and steel.
I come bearing sweet perfumes,
Bread and wine for sacrifice.
Wisdom is yours, Sky-Father,
Strength is yours, Thunderer,
Splendor is yours, Bolt-Thrower.
We have called Thee by many names:
Odin, Indra, Zeus;
You are the All-Father:
Hunter, Protector, Lord.
I invoke Thee, All-Father,
That I might share in Thy Wisdom;
I invoke Thee, All-Father,
That I might partake of Thy Strength;
I invoke Thee, All-Father,
That I might witness Thy Splendor.
Thee, Thee, I invoke, All-Father;
I am Become Thee.

Adoration of Thoth, Son of Ra, Moon,
Of beautiful rising, Lord of appearings, Light of the Gods,
By the Prince, Count, Fan-bearer on the King's right,
Great Troop-commander, Royal Scribe, Horemheb, whose word is right and true,
he says:
Hail to You, Moon, Thoth,
Bull in Hermopolis, dweller in Hesret,
Who makes way for the Gods!
Who knows the secrets,
Who records their expression,
Who distinguishes one speech from another,
Who is judge of everyone.
Keen-faced in the Ship-of-millions,
Courier of mankind,
Who knows a man by his utterance,
Who makes the deed rise against the doer.
Who contents Ra,
Advises the Sole Lord,
Lets Him know whatever happens;
At dawn He summons in Heaven,
And forgets not yesterday's report.

Who makes safe the night-bark,
Makes tranquil the day-bark,
With arms outstretched in the bow of the ship.
Pure-faced when He takes the stern-rope,
As the day-bark rejoices in the night-bark's joy,
At the feast of crossing the sky.
Who fells the fiend,
Sunders western lightland.
The Ennead in the night-bark worships Thoth,
They say to Him:
"Hail, Son of Ra,
Praised of Ra, Whom the Gods applaud!"
They repeat what Your ka(the life-force) wishes,
As You make way for the place of the bark,
As You act against that fiend:
You cut off his head, You break his ba(the soul),
You cast his corpse in the fire,
You are the God Who slaughters him,
Nothing is done without Your knowing,
Great one, son of a Great One, Who came from Her limbs,
Champion of Horakhty,

Wise friend in Heliopolis,
Who makes the place of the Gods,
Who knows the mysteries,
Expounds their words.

Let us give praise to Thoth,
Straight plummet in the scales,
Who repulses unrighteousness,
Who accepts him who leans not on crime.
The Tjati(the Prime Minister or Vizier) Who settles cases,
Who changes turmoil to peace;
The scribe of the mat Who keeps the book,
Who punishes crime,
Who accepts the submissive!
Who is sound of arm,
Wise among the Ennead,
Who relates what was forgotten.
Counselor to him who errs,
Who remembers the fleeting moment,
Who reports the hour of night,
Whose words endure forever,
Who enters the Dwat(the Netherworld),
knows Those in it,
And records them in the list