Magical Diary

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Though one may get to fear the sight of it, a properly kept magical record is the surest guarantor of success in the work of Liber MMM: it is both a work of reference with which to evaluate progress and most significantly, a goad to further effort. - Liber Null

I don't think Uncle Pete would approve, and this is not really my magical diary (you wouldn't want to see those mad scribblings), but you will find here a collection of various writings, rituals, prayers and recipes.

I am, at heart, a syncretist. And before you go all CMG on me for labeling myself, labels are convenient. They will never capture our true essence, but they help to distill it down so that we actually have something to talk about. Like most good wizards (Fuck you Rufus Opus), I beg borrow and steal from what works: grimoires, the PGM, Tarot, Astrology...all done, probably, with a tad too much devotionalism to suit Gordon White. That said, I find myself more aligned with what Wizard White has called "Third Wave" Chaos Magic: a chaos that that doesn't dispense with the past so much (and makes a lot less use of Superman and Cthulhu), while still keeping a rigorous eye on the bottom line: does it work.

Join me in my little part of the Re-enchanting the World project.


The Forty Servants

I've done quite a bit of work with The Forty Servants Magic and Divination System, created by Tommie Kelly. Of course, you can follow the link to find out more, but for the sake of brevity: its a collection of servitors (a chaos magic concept) printed in the form of an oracle deck that can be used both for various magical operations and divination. At one point, I called it a modern grimoire and I stand by that statement. Like most grimoires, its a framework for you to build on (go ahead, tell me any grimoire is a complete system unto itself).

You can find my Initiation of the Messenger over at Adventures in Woo Woo, where it was featured as the first in the Other Voices section.  You can find my other work on the Forty Servants here, including the Initiation of the Witch.

I adore Tommie Kelly, there's no two ways about it. I don't always agree with him, but what would a good friendship be without some dynamic tension?

I'm really digging the approach that Ivy (from takes. I'm looking at the Hygromanteia material in a whole different way.

The 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Lamed; in the Hermetic Kabbalah, its meaning is: ox goad.

Working The Headless Rite from the PGM in a time of grief.

I had a dream last night, actually it was a nightmare.