Bring on the Boys

Tween Ryan is likely to be the only young male release we will see for the Genesis 3 Male platform. Hopefully we will see some add-on releases like M3D Teen Base by MaleMedia, because, on the whole, Ryan is a serious disappointment. It was stated by the management of DAZ3D that the young males don't sell well, and if we keep getting releases like this one, that statistic is not likely to change any time soon.

Taller than Mike, but shorter than anyone else and brawnier than the lot..."part man, part myth", Daz3D brings you Kimo 7, the latest character shape for the  Genesis 3 Male line of figures.

Shorter than Leo, but more massive than either Leo or Michael, with a lean physique and face seemingly scultped more for a scowl than a smile, here comes Gianni 7.

I know I'm a little behind the curve here, as Gianni was released quite a while back, but I wanted to do a full feature and talk about all the pieces of the bundles (you may have noticed that I never got around to writing parts 2 & 3 of the Michael 7 and Leo 7 reviews; I will get to those.). This is not a full review, it is far too general to meet my standards for that criteria, but its scope is too broad to be as in-depth as a full review. This is about the figure, in general, with particular empasis on what's included with the bundles. Without further ado, lets dive right in.

Okay, before we get started here, I just want to say that I did not deliberately pick a clothing item by the same artist for my second review.  That was purely by chance. I picked Casual Heat because its relatively new, and for the boys. The fact that it is also by the same artist as the Urban Metro Outfit did not enter into my decision to review this item.

Leo 7 has arrived.

I think Leo 7 was a surprise to many customers. He's a brand new shape, with no Genesis 2 predecessor (though comparisons can be made to Scott 6; and frankly, I can get behind it, if we are going to see a profusion of male shapes in the Genesis 3 line, similar to what we are getting in the female line). The initial presentation of Leo in the store, as a Spartan warrior with more than a passing resemblance to Gerard Butler as King Leonidas (his shape and facial features are reminiscent, but far from close enough to be called more than an homage) is impressive. He's not quite the everyman we saw with Michael 7: taller, bulkier while still having an overall trim physique and with a face that is... dramatic and unique.