• ...in times of trial and of joy, and even unto death.

    I've been talking to god lately. I told Her that I was sorry that I didn't do it as often as I once did, but that I wasn't one of those people who only do it when they want something (even though this was one of those times). And I told Her that I missed Her in my life; that those times when I needed Her and I felt Her wings wrapped about me in comfort represented all the faith that I would ever need.

    After a very little while, She told me that She knew I wasn't one of those people who only called Her Name when I wanted something. And She wondered why I said I missed Her in my life. Comfort in times of trial was not Her only gift. Was not the love I felt in my heart also Her Gift?

    She said that the love I felt was not only Her gift, but a song in honor of Her Name. And that everything I did with that love in my heart was a ritual to Her: every verse I wrote, every smile upon my face, every act of devotion, each embrace and every kiss, every caress in the dark.

    So I promised Her that I would tend that sacred flame of love in my heart, that I would remember that She was with me in times of trial and of joy, and even unto death.

  • An Epistle: For the Love of Dogs

    I love Pit Bulls. Some of you, at this point, will dismiss me as a "nutter", as an apologist, as stupid. I am none of those things.

  • Antinous & Hadrian

    For many centuries, Greece and Rome dominated the Mediterranean world. By the beginning of the Common Era, the spreading Roman Empire had assimilated the old Alexandrine territories, and with them, the tastes and values of the homoerotic Greek culture. That culture shaped the sensibilities of the Empire until the ascendancy of the Christian church. The complex relationship between Greece and Rome is mirrored in the intense love relationship between the Emperor Hadrian and Antinous, which reached its climax when the Emperor deified Antinous following the youth's death in the year 130.

  • The Boot Campaign

    Was this custom made for me?

    Those of you who know me, understand.

    When my friend was first deployed I wore my boots every day: to work, every where.

    When a friend's son joined up, I bought him a pair of boots.

    Get your boots on.