• Io, Hermes!
    Sacred Son or Arcadia,
    Father to Pan and lover
    of Krokos,
    Hermes Pompaios
    be my guide in all things.

    Fill my heart
    with glad tidings
    and my steps with joy;
    enliven my tongue,
    hone my wit:
    Hermes Dotor Eaon,
    smile upon me and mine.

    Io, Hermes!
    curious monotheism
    of a generation,
    in Your darkest heart
    You could not condone
    these perpetrations
    in Your Name.
    Hermes Epikthonis,
    pray for us all.

    The obligation is complete.

  • Multi-purpose incense for invoking/honoring/offering to Hermes, Hermanubis, Thoth.

  • A prayer for use at mealtimes, to Hermes Dotor Eaon, Giver of Good Things.

  • Gentle Hermes, most kind,
    friend of man and woman,
    guide to Orpheus and Eurydice
    and protector of Persephone;
    you come to each of us
    as we begin our descent,
    prithee come in comely form
    to those who know Thee not.
    May thy commanding staff
    be a symbol of comfort
    to those afraid to loose
    these mortal bonds.
    Hermes, Anubis,
    I pray for my honored dead
    but also the lost and the lonely,
    for the wandering spirits
    and all those who have noone to pray for them.
    In your names, I pray for them.
    may you be a constant and gentle guide
    to all those whom you lead.

  • Hermes Oneiropompos, Heros Propylaios

  • An incense for grief and mourning; for working with and honoring the dead and ancestors. Also for working with The Dead from The Forty Servants.