• ...trying to breathe

    said it myself:
    its so like
    trying to breathe;
    and though
    holding you close
    means more to me
    than food or drink
    even the very air
    I breathe --
    never will my arms
    take your
    breath away.
    I can let
    the other things
    work as they will;
    give the strongest bond
    known to god or man
    the freedom to work
    its magic.

  • Autumnal Equinox Prayer

    Descend Summer King, Lord of Day
    Midsummer is past
    And the veil beckons.
    Ascend Winter King, Lord of Night
    Midwinter draws nigh
    Take up thy spear.

  • Autumnal Equinox Prayer

    Descend Summer King, Lord of Day
    Midsummer is past
    And the veil beckons.
    Ascend Winter King, Lord of Night
    Midwinter draws nigh
    Take up thy spear.

  • Be Naked

    Today I can not recall your hips,
    though I am sure my lips know them --
    I want every inch of you imprinted
    on my memory.

    Be naked
    in my arms
    in my mind
    in my heart.

    Today I can see your eyes clearly
    and recall the way you looked at me
    when last we parted and I know
    you heard me.

    Be naked
    in my arms
    in my mind
    in my heart.

    Today, and everyday, I will remember
    when and where I got my first kiss --
    and the smile that came before it
    when you saw me standing there.

    Be naked
    in my arms
    in my mind
    in my heart.

  • Becoming Daddy

    in the front seat
    of a white Dodge
    up the hill from
    the U.R.I campus;
    Daddy to you
    that November night --
    suddenly --
    a smile, a kiss
    and if I wasn't yours
    it became inevitable.


  • Cancun, You Said

    air and earth and water
    sunset on the beach
    Cancun, you said --
    next year.
    Sweet drinks and warm sand,
    sun on the water, the skin
    of your legs tan;
    you on one side of me
    and him on the other.
    Five days, maybe more,
    not just stolen moments --
    five nights, maybe more,
    just our family --
    five nights could be eternity.


  • Complete, For a Moment

    Last night,
    just before sleep
    it seemed you
    were between us --
    each with an arm
    around you, at
    shoulder and waist.
    You were content,
    and slept smiling
    as I watched
    the two of you
    feeling whole.


  • CW (1)

    I don't know that I can
    wait 'til tomorrow
    to taste those lips again.
    Its but a few more
    hours to wait --
    it seems the minutes
    will never end,
    before I can get your
    body next to mine;
    'til your hips are
    under mine.
    Look up at me with
    those storm cloud eyes,
    smile at me and ask me
    to kiss those lips,
    ask for more and
    it will be yours.

    (with thanks to reywD for letting me steal his album title repeatedly)

  • DM I

    I have had a
    recurring dream:
    you are asleep
    safe in my arms,
    simply brothers
    and nothing else.
    To hell with the
    swordsman's advice;
    to the wall for you
    is where I'd go
    and I want you
    to know.

  • Fragment 1

    In sleep,

    Your hand clasps my wrist

    As you slip deeper

    I expect you to relax, release --

    Instead you hold tighter;

    Even in sleep , you hold fast.

    I listen to the sound of your breath

    And lay my head on your shoulder

  • Fragment 2

    I have felt the Love of the Great Mother,

  • Fragments 3

    The very sound of your voice rings a magical chord

  • Hymn To The All-Father

    Hail to Thee, All-Father
    Guardian at the Gate.
    I come before Thee
    armed with oak and steel.
    I come bearing sweet perfumes,
    Bread and wine for sacrifice.
    Wisdom is yours, Sky-Father,
    Strength is yours, Thunderer,
    Splendor is yours, Bolt-Thrower.
    We have called Thee by many names:
    Odin, Indra, Zeus;
    You are the All-Father:
    Hunter, Protector, Lord.
    I invoke Thee, All-Father,
    That I might share in Thy Wisdom;
    I invoke Thee, All-Father,
    That I might partake of Thy Strength;
    I invoke Thee, All-Father,
    That I might witness Thy Splendor.
    Thee, Thee, I invoke, All-Father;
    I am Become Thee.

  • in my arms

    I think about you
    Every single day --
    If you're not
    in my arms
    I'm missing you

  • Lessons in Love

    You gave me my first
    real lessons in love --
    what it means,
    how it feels,
    why it is the Goddess'
    sole, true ritual.

    Who taught you?
    How did you learn
    so much?
    Won't you keep
    teaching me,

  • November's Gone

    November's come and gone,
    Yuletide, too;
    but still our thoughts
    are with you --
    your smile and shy laugh
    when you answer
    that question...
    four words left on
    voice mail
    listened to bolster
    the heart.


  • Prayer for the Dead to Hermes Psychopompos

    Gentle Hermes, most kind,
    friend of man and woman,
    guide to Orpheus and Eurydice
    and protector of Persephone;
    you come to each of us
    as we begin our descent,
    prithee come in comely form
    to those who know Thee not.
    May thy commanding staff
    be a symbol of comfort
    to those afraid to loose
    these mortal bonds.
    Hermes, Anubis,
    I pray for my honored dead
    but also the lost and the lonely,
    for the wandering spirits
    and all those who have noone to pray for them.
    In your names, I pray for them.
    may you be a constant and gentle guide
    to all those whom you lead.

  • Prayer to Hermes Oneiropompos

    Hermes Oneiropompos, Heros Propylaios

  • Solve et Coagula or: The Chemical Wedding

    I had a dream last night --
    you took my hand and said to me:

  • Sorrow

    Sorrow, so like a knife and on its edge
    I am alive, like at no other time;
    Suddenly as if knocked from a ledge,
    Caught by it beyond all reason and rhyme.
    Every thing so bright through a prism of tears,
    I awake to thunder, just the sound of my heart:
    Then silence becomes the sound of fear --
    Even in the dark I could see this part.
    No man ever loved who never took
    a risk to his heart, no matter how keen;
    Naked in his eyes he carries the look
    A man's soul laid bare by all he's seen.
    Though I know how love may bring me to pain,
    Willingly would I do it all again.