For everyone who has liked my art, or bought something on my recommendation, here's a few free characters for Michael 7.


You will need the Genesis 3 Male Starter Essentials, the Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs and Genesis 3 Male Body Morphs and Michael 7.

These are character shapes only, head and body designed to work together. There are no texture maps included in this package, and the presets are shapes only they have no texture calls.

Please read the included documentation, it will tell you where to find the shapes.

The first thing you may notice is that there are 5 icons, not 4. In testing, one of my testers felt that Jack's proportions were a little exaggerated. I sort of agreed, so I designed a less stylized version that ought to be a little easier to pose and clothe; that's: Jack Too. For the full effect of a short guy with smaller hands, feet, legs and arms, go with the regular Jack in all his stocky glory.

I hope you like my boys. Render them well!

Products used in my renders of the Boys:


 Download them here: Boys Next Door For Michael 7