The Incense Pages

Over on the Adventures in Woo Woo Dischord server, some folks expressed interest in learning about traditional or non-combustible incense. So, rather than assume a level of knowledge, I'm going to undertake to write a few articles covering the basics of using and making this type of incense for magic, ritual, meditation or just because you plain enjoy it.

A foot in the New World, a foot in the Old World. For working with St Cyprian, patron saint of necromancers and sorcerors.

The traditional incense that I have seen recommended for St Expedite is a simple recipe, no doubt fashioned after the Pound Cake offering: equal parts frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood. I'm sure it does the job, but it probably smells like... well, a lot of sandalwood. Pound Cake is "a pound of everything", so going with the same logic we are using weight measurements here. So... that's a lot of sandalwood.

Hekate, Titaness, goddess extraordinaire of witches and magicians. Use this incense in your rites or meditations.

An incense to aid in visions, dreams, active imagining, scrying, etc. For use with The Forty Servants: The Idea, The Seer, The Witch, possibly The Media.