Daz Studio

Okay, back for round two of my essential tools. Ready?

Quick Shots 1 got me thinking a little differently about what I write here. After a year in, I think that was needed. I'll still be doing reviews, but they won't be the main focus (they take a long time and aren't nearly as fun as you'd think). But I appreciate that they have assisted folks and that people like my writing style and that I am not afraid to express my opinion even when its not a positive opinion. Also, Quick Shot 1 produced some discussion about similar light sets and how I felt about having a few of them. So I thought, maybe, people might be interested in what I consider to be my most essential tools (right now, this will change over time).

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do anything quick. But content is king, and if I want to compete with all the clickbait out there and keep your attention, I really gotta start pushing out more content. But its gotta be quality content. So, here's my first Quick Shot: part product usage tutorial/tips, part review, part product push for some of my favorite content artists.