Chariot's Rant

For many centuries, Greece and Rome dominated the Mediterranean world. By the beginning of the Common Era, the spreading Roman Empire had assimilated the old Alexandrine territories, and with them, the tastes and values of the homoerotic Greek culture. That culture shaped the sensibilities of the Empire until the ascendancy of the Christian church. The complex relationship between Greece and Rome is mirrored in the intense love relationship between the Emperor Hadrian and Antinous, which reached its climax when the Emperor deified Antinous following the youth's death in the year 130.

Goddess preserve us.

I do not understand this division between who I am and what I do. Sounds like an issue. A serious, damaging psychological issue. If I write poetry, am I not a poet? If I fight fires, am I not a firefighter? If I play D&D, am I not a geek? Sorry about that last one...
Speaking from personal experience, I did NOT know who I was. I did, however, know who I was NOT. It took me a while, and a serious false start, to acknowledge who I was. And who I am, who I love, is an intrinsic part of a happy and healthy me. And isn't that really the important thing here? The ultimate quests? To be healthy and happy? To know Love and to help it spread in this world where there is far too little of it?

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

Larry Houston's Behavior, and Not a Person

May the Goddess, in Her Infinite Wisdom and Compassion, forgive you for your crimes against yourself and humanity. I won't.

I am everything you hate. I am everything you stand against. Why don't you come protest me and leave the people in grief alone?

I'll give you my address, I'll tell you where I live and work.  Come, let me be your target.  Send all your useless prayers, hate and anger here.  I've got broad shoulders, I can take it.

I'm not afraid of you. You can't hurt me.

So... my Pats' defense stepped up and played better than they have for most of the year (if you disregard the 1st quarter). The Pats' offense played better than they have in the last several games, scoring 42 points to Team Tebow's 23. If you're one of the "he's got a direct line to the man upstairs" people the question you have got to be asking yourself is: what happened? Where was "Tebow Time"? Where was the magic? How could God have let Tim down? Of course, you may not be asking those questions, because almost invariably the same sort of people who think things like the aforementioned, also stand by old saws like: he works in mysterious ways, and other assorted bullshit.

Tim Tebow, the name on everyone's lips. Want to know what I think? He's either monumentally stupid or a bigot. He's a mediocre QB. I could care less about the proselytizing... I have no problem with religion in all facets of one's life and I am all for thanking the Gods for the big and little things in your life (of course, the religion he's chosen or had foisted on him is NOT high on my list of the good guys), but the man willingly appeared in a Super Bowl TV spot shilling for Focus on the Family a far-right "Christian" group that is anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-adoption by gay people, the list goes on...I could write about them all day. So I say again: Tim Tebow is either monumentally stupid to be seen as representing these hate-mongers in the name of Christ, or he's a bigot, plain and simple.