There are those who would have you believe that God hates you because you are gay; or, just as offensively, not because you are gay but because you act on those impulses. This is bullshit, plain and simple. God does not hate you.


"Let my worship be within the heart that rejoiceth, for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals." --From Charge of the Goddess, Authorship uncertain, but likely Doreen Valiente

Granted, those words were not written 2500 years ago, but its not really hard to see the difference between the inspired word of God and a list of priestly instructions created and mandated by man (See Leviticus). I am not saying that you have to be Pagan, to believe as I do, or even to accept the above words as revelation. I do not much care what faith you have, my stance is unchanged: God does not hate you because you are gay or because you engage in activities that a group of men who lived 2500 years ago decided were not acceptable for their people. God, wether you call him Jesus, Yahweh, Thoth, Zeus, or even Diana, Hecate, Kali. Arianhrod -- does not hate His children. He loves YOU. He made you in all colors of the rainbow and He loves you BECAUSE of who you are.

It amazes me that the various Judeo-Christian denominations feel free to dispense with chapters full of prohibitions and ritual requirements (again, see Leviticus), and choose to stand by 2 lines out of hundreds! The majority of Leviticus is about blood sacrifice, a practice considered "barbaric" in this day and age by most people (practioners of Yoruba and similar faiths, please don't be offended... I'm just making a point here, and I do not consider your practices barbaric in any sense). There's a whole chapter on dietary restrictions.  Did you know you're not supposed to eat ferret? I'm a little unclear on how Leviticus feels about having a ferret as a pet, but since you can't eat it, I bet its frowned upon as well.

Inimicus Dei Constituitur