Tim Tebow, the name on everyone's lips. Want to know what I think? He's either monumentally stupid or a bigot. He's a mediocre QB. I could care less about the proselytizing... I have no problem with religion in all facets of one's life and I am all for thanking the Gods for the big and little things in your life (of course, the religion he's chosen or had foisted on him is NOT high on my list of the good guys), but the man willingly appeared in a Super Bowl TV spot shilling for Focus on the Family a far-right "Christian" group that is anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-adoption by gay people, the list goes on...I could write about them all day. So I say again: Tim Tebow is either monumentally stupid to be seen as representing these hate-mongers in the name of Christ, or he's a bigot, plain and simple.