An incense for working with and honoring Hekate. Also for working with The Witch from The Forty Servants.

Hekate, titaness, triple-headed, light bringer, Einodia!

Hekate, goddess of magic, patron of witches and sorcerors extraordinaire. This incense was crafted to honor Her, to work with and petition Her.

Complex Version

4 Parts Myrrh
2 Parts Benzoin Sumatra
2 Parts Storax Bark
2 Parts Sandalwood
1 Part Labdanum
1 Part Lavender
Lavender oil
Myrrh oil

Simple Version

2 Parts Myrrh
1/2 Part Lavender

Few deities have forged the intimate link with magicians, witches and magical practitioners that Hekate has in her various manifestations. As the bonafide patroness of magic and witchcraft and goddess of liminality, Hekate has represented and embodied the sacred mysteries and arcane arts for millennia. -- Leonardo Drakon, Voces Magicae


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