Incense for working with the Special Intecessor for the Dead, Holy Confessor, Patron of Animals, Patron of Babies, Patron of Boatmen, etc,

 St Nicholas of Tolentino


2 Parts Pine Resin
1 Part Frankincense
1 Part Opopanax
1/4 Part Cedar Wood
1/4 Part Cedar Leaf

I think this one is going to be special, formulated on his feast day.

The Rite of Saint Nicholas

In his excellent book, The Chaos Protocols, Gordon White gives his Rite of Saint Nicholas.  I'm not at liberty to reprint it here, but I heartily recommend it. This incense and my relationship with Saint Nicholas were originally inspired by Wizard White's work, in particular this Rite but also the Saints' course work offered through I am also indebted to the work of Gnome School for reminding about St Nicholas. Incorporate this incense into the Rite of Saint Nicholas by offering it at the crossroads along with the spring water. Also offer it on All Soul's Day and his feast day: September 10.