An incense for grief and mourning; for working with and honoring the dead and ancestors. Also for working with The Dead from The Forty Servants.


For grief, sorrow, compassion; use with The Dead Servant from The Forty Servants; also The Mother Servant in certain circumstances; to honor Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, special intecessor for the dead whose feast day is September 10. Santa Muerte? I don't know Her... but I suppose its possible. In my own personal mythology, this blend is called The Tears of Isis.

5 Parts Myrrh
3 Parts Benzoin Sumatra
1 Part Frankincense
1 Part Sandalwood
1 Part Cassia

As usual, this is my recipie. It is subject to change. Please, if you repost make note of where it came from. Compounding is up to your own skills and imagination, though I recommend grinding the ingredients and allowing them to sit an airtight container for no less than seven days before whatever final compounding steps you might take.

You might also take a moment to invoke Hermes Psychopompos, or whomever your preferred intermediary for the dead might happen to be.  You could also use my Prayer For The Dead to Hermes Psychopompos.


I do have some incense blends in stock, prices range from $10-$15 for a half ounce.  Please use the contact form for inquiries.