A foot in the New World, a foot in the Old World. For working with St Cyprian, patron saint of necromancers and sorcerors.

  • 3 Parts Pine resin gathered in a local veterans cemetary (yeah, that's kinda specific, but...I got a guy; if you're making this yourself, use this as inspriation but find an appropriate substitue)
  • 1 Part Myrrh
  • 1 Part Copal Negro
  • 1 Part Benzoin Sumatra
  • 1/4 Part Palo Santo

 I've been looking for a use for that graveyard gathered resin, and thanks to my muses (Gordon White and Jake Stratton-Kent), I found one. This will be compounded soon and ready for the Saint's feast day, I am thinking this will take quite a while to cure.

 As usual, this is MY recipie. If you republish without giving appropriate credit, expect a visit from a slavering, three headed black dog.