I wanted to have this done last week; didn't quite make it.  You'll see stuff gets filled in to the calendar as I go along, so if this interests you feel free to look ahead a bit (not yet!).



I've still got some details of hours to fill in, but if you glance at April you'll see a lot of what is highlighted are important days (Easter, Passover, Saints' days), so as festivals I am less concerned about what hours might be the most useful. These days are useful for what you think they are useful for.

At the end of last month, I had a few lines about personal mythology. That didn't come out the way I wanted it to, and I revised it a little after I posted the article. I want to say some more about that but I still can't quite encapsulate the thoughts.  Gordon White, I'm pretty sure, said "write your own history" with the caveat that it was a far better choice than leaving it to someone else. I agree. More, even. Tell your own story. That's better than a history, isn't it? A story is engaging. History is important, but... a story is far better. And your calendar should reflect your story.

Until next month....


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