I walk the Left Hand Path


Imagine you are in love. If you've ever been in love, you know what I mean: fool-grinning, joyous crying, each touch afire, ego shattering: love.

Now imagine that you have to keep that love a secret. You have to hide that light, that energy that seems like it could fire a billion suns -- that power that some believe is the very motive force behind reality, creation, the universe. You have to lie: she's my friend, he's my son.

Some hide from friends, some have to hide from family.  Some lie at their jobs, others at their schools. Some lie to themselves, and do it almost every minute of every day.

Imagine the one that you love, far away... somewhere that no one knows your name. Imagine the one that you love in harm's way... and no one knows what it means to you, just to know that they are safe.

I walk the Left Hand Path because I was born to it. I embrace and celebrate the Left Hand Path because it brought me to love. I employ the Left Hand Path as my heart and will dictate. And if it should tarnish my soul forever after, at least I will have lived, and I will have loved.

I will have walked the Left Hand Path with courage and with willful abandon, and I will enter the clearing at the end of the path with my head held high, my heart overflowing with love and wielding my tarnished soul with pride.

I walk the Left Hand Path