I'd like to introduce you to the latest servitor from my stable: The Salesman.

The Salesman has a bit of a literary background, and if you want to get a feel for something of his personality, seek out and read Needful Things and Weaveworld, if you haven't already. If you have, then you should understand that there is a touch of Leland Gaunt and a touch of Shadwell here in The Salesman.  He's not entirely... sane, Nor, would I say, are his methods entirely above board.  His job, his only job, is to buy and to sell. He has no problem at all getting his hands dirty to do his job, and to do it to the best of his ability.

Employ him when you need to buy or sell.  A word of warning: he's not The Shopkeeper. I'd be wary involving him with any stable, physical business.  There's far too much traveling salesman/vagabond in his nature. He burns bridges. He might burn one while you're on it.

The last time I introduced a servitor,  no one seemed much interested in hearing any details, though I had put together quite a bit of backstory and information. This time I released The Salesman with no fanfare and I've gotten a bit of hail storm with questions and things. I was perhaps a little too obscure.

Feed him as you will: he likes shiny things, good booze and other intoxicants, fine incense and good food. Draw his sigil on hand written receipts or thank you notes.

Permission is given to print his image and use him as you will, but don't claim him or his art as your creation (t'wouldn't be wise). You can find a larger version in the Pieces of Eight gallery.

As usual, thanks to Tommie Kelly for help executing the sigil.

 theSalesman Sigil