RawArt has been around the Daz Store almost as long as I have... maybe longer.  His growth as an artist/vendor has been quite a marvel to watch. He's always been amazingly talented and original, but... as the technology has grown, RawArt has certainly grown with it. And now he gives us his latest creation Nosferatu. Its currently on sale, along with his entire store (initial reports are that the sale will only be for a week or so... and its ongoing, hurry!).


Now..RawArt is not for everyone... unless you enjoy horror, creatures, giant monsters, dwarves... wait a second, ok, maybe there is something for everyone in his store! I personally own quite a few of his morphs/characters for Genesis (I really, really should use them more than I do) and they are all unique and easy to work with.

RawArt's latest offering is the extremely creepy: Nosferatu.  A very Orlokian vampire, from the tips of his pointed ears to the claw tipped, elongated fingers. The only thing missing is the bushy eyebrows... which as most know is pretty hard to replicate convincingly without quite a bit of work and probably some pretty dense fibremesh. I don't think he misses those brows though, he's might damn creepy even without them; the heavy brow and sunken eyes are more than adequate substitutes.

RawArt has done a masterful sculpt of the Genesis 3 Male mesh for his vampire.  It comes with two morphs, a low definition one and a high definition one. Both achieve the same basic shape, but the high definition morph really reveals the fine details. The figure loads with both Subdivision Level and Render SubD Level set for 3... which is fine for the Render SubD Level, you want that to really get the HD Morphs, but the regular SubDivision level doesn't need to be that high for your viewport and might cause problems if your system is not up to it.  You can reset this, but if you do make sure you set the Render SubD Level back to 3 if you are rendering with Iray (3Delight will automatically render this (?) SubD level).

Nosferatu ImageI ran Nosferatu through his paces: throwing a bunch of different poses at him (he comes with 6 of his own poses) and I did not notice any obvious deformations or flaws.  He bends fluidly like the rest of the Genesis 3 line.  His elongated fingers might be problematic in poses where the hands come near the body, but that is generally an easy fix with some tweaks to the fingers of the bends of the hands. I also clothed him in various Genesis 3 and Genesis 2 clothing items, all of which took to his shape very well.  His emaciation can cause some issues with morphs on certain clothing items (I mention this because the "tuck in boots" morph on the Genesis 2 Male Regency pants was not quite perfect, but... I guess you are going to have to expect that on certain things with an extreme morph like this).

Nosferatu comes with the standard complement of maps that you would expect with a Genesis 3 figure: bump, normal, specular and diffuse.  All the maps are ultra high resolution (4096x4096, except for the eyes -- which comes in three colors, and the 'anatomical elements' which are all 2048x2048; not only does he come with 'anatomical elements' textures, he's got 'anatomical' normal maps!) and show extreme attention detail with well done brows, creepy veins and wonderful tonal variations throughout.

Nosferatu ImageWell, that's about all I wanted to say here about Nosferatu (well, also he'll look great in this clothing set if I ever take the time to convert it over from M3...which would be time consuming, but the Generation 3 to Genesis conversions are generally pretty good). Enjoy!