air and earth and water
sunset on the beach
Cancun, you said --
next year.
Sweet drinks and warm sand,
sun on the water, the skin
of your legs tan;
you on one side of me
and him on the other.
Five days, maybe more,
not just stolen moments --
five nights, maybe more,
just our family --
five nights could be eternity.


You gave me my first
real lessons in love --
what it means,
how it feels,
why it is the Goddess'
sole, true ritual.

Who taught you?
How did you learn
so much?
Won't you keep
teaching me,

said it myself:
its so like
trying to breathe;
and though
holding you close
means more to me
than food or drink
even the very air
I breathe --
never will my arms
take your
breath away.
I can let
the other things
work as they will;
give the strongest bond
known to god or man
the freedom to work
its magic.

Today I can not recall your hips,
though I am sure my lips know them --
I want every inch of you imprinted
on my memory.

Be naked
in my arms
in my mind
in my heart.

Today I can see your eyes clearly
and recall the way you looked at me
when last we parted and I know
you heard me.

Be naked
in my arms
in my mind
in my heart.

Today, and everyday, I will remember
when and where I got my first kiss --
and the smile that came before it
when you saw me standing there.

Be naked
in my arms
in my mind
in my heart.

I will come for you
no matter where
no matter when
no matter how far.
Though I have to rend
the very fabric of space
and time --
I will come for you.
No God
No Angel
No Devil
will dare bar my way
when I come for you.