I don't know that I can
wait 'til tomorrow
to taste those lips again.
Its but a few more
hours to wait --
it seems the minutes
will never end,
before I can get your
body next to mine;
'til your hips are
under mine.
Look up at me with
those storm cloud eyes,
smile at me and ask me
to kiss those lips,
ask for more and
it will be yours.

(with thanks to reywD for letting me steal his album title repeatedly)

Descend Summer King, Lord of Day
Midsummer is past
And the veil beckons.
Ascend Winter King, Lord of Night
Midwinter draws nigh
Take up thy spear.

I have had a
recurring dream:
you are asleep
safe in my arms,
simply brothers
and nothing else.
To hell with the
swordsman's advice;
to the wall for you
is where I'd go
and I want you
to know.

Kindle a flame
on this longest night
not to hold back
the dark and the cold
but to rejoice
in the rebirth
of the infant sun.
Today the King is born, again.
Long live the King.
Sol Invictus

Do you recall the day
your voice brought me in?
        I do
The way you asked
     The way you stood.
So tall, yet....
Could I do it over I would;
only one thing to change -
the embrace wouldn't wait.
for my "little brother".  Probably the last guy who's going to wear that appellation.
Love ya, D.