With only one or two days where I did not perform the full observance (ok, I think it was three... two days with no prayers, one day that was simply changing the waters, lighting the ancestors flame and offering incense), I've been at this for two weeks tonight.


Ritual has a lot to recommend itself. We, as humans, have been about this ritual thing for 10-20 millenia or so. There must be something to it, right? Well, I recommend it. Its more than just the meditation, though doing that everyday has its own hosts of benefits, even the meditation feels better when surrounded by the other elements of ritual.

I added, to the prayers, a prayer I came across to Montu, an older Egyptian god (falcon headed, like Horus/Heru) who is a god of war and marriage. Its got some beautiful imagery, and well... I've had a relationship with Montu, I just didn't really realize it. So this was nice find. I also added The Litany Against Fear, it seems appropriate (at least at this time) and its performance can be stirring.

I am dropping the prayer to Mary and Michael, but replacing it with other prayers to Michael and possibly Mary, though its hard as Mary is a usurper for me and hardly Queen of Heaven (maybe Handmaiden of Heaven?). I've had a relationship with Michael in the past (though Gabriel and his horn goes back a lot longer for me, and I need to grab hold of that thread and weave it back in) and I like where that is going. I'd like to see that deepen.

Performance of my own prayer to Hermes Psychopompos is going well. It might need some revisions, we shall have to see. I am thinking of adding more prayers to Hermes, he is my oldest divine companion. I should probably include all 3 of my prayers to Hermes, even though the first one was more of a spell, I guess than a prayer.

I'm going back to the Hekate Invocation; the translation I found of the Orphic Hymn to Hekate is arduous and overly poetic (not in a good way). I'll work on the Barbarous Names... I may trim them from the invocation until I learn the rest of it by heart and then add my own phoentics (I have still not found much in the way of pronounciation advice for barbarous... there must be something out there).


Reading over bits of Richard Riedy's book if Kemetic reconstructions. Interesting stuff. Adapting bits and pieces. I should add a prayer to Thoth/Djehuti and to Isis and Osiris. More thoughts along this line later.

Have to say... there has been a little strangeness since this all started. Nothing too far out there, but strange synchonicities stand out.

Christmas is coming.

Sigil schoaling exercise coming too.


Inimicus Dei Constituitur