I'm really digging the approach that Ivy (from http://circlethrice.com) takes. I'm looking at the Hygromanteia material in a whole different way.


If you've been paying any attention you know one of the big astrological transits that we've been dealing with and will be dealing with for quite some time to come is Saturn's passage through Capricorn (affectionately referred to as the Goat Head God of Death).

Weaving these two threads together, and looking at the calendar ahead, on March 2nd we have a Lunar Auspicious occasion with the Moon in Capricorn on the day of Saturn.  This is the 26th Lunar Day, which is for "compelling enemies and masters" which has to be just one of the best usages!

Slipping over to the Hygromanteia and looking at our hours for Saturday we find some tasty bits:

Hour 1 first hour of Saturn: making talismans to harm enemies

Hour 3 first hour of Mars (Mars is exalted in Capricorn): for setting up enchantments

Hour 7 first hour of the Moon: for speaking with demons

Hour 8 2nd hour of Saturn: for performing basin divination

Hour 10 2nd hour of Mars: for causing peoples to plunge into the sea

Hour 14 2nd hour of the Moon: for seeing people long dead

Hour 15 3rd hour of Saturn: for seeing visions by water divination (repeat?)

Hour 17 3rd hour of Mars: very malign hour (just what does that mean)

Hour 21 3rd hour of the Moon: hour without virtue (?)

Hour 22 4th hour of Saturn: for causing visions

Hour 24 4th hour of Mars: hour for hassle and enmity

If you are a Rune Soup premium member and you haven't downloaded Ivy's magical spreadsheet, I suggest you do. It's worth its weight in gold (metaphorically speaking).