Magical Diary

A complex and interesting novena for St Expedite, found on St St Expedite's Feast day is April 19; begin the novena on either April 11th or 12th, depending on when you want to finish.

The Feast of St Gabriel the Archangel is on March 24th (last recorded date before it is moved to coincide with Michaelmas, Feast of the Archangels). There seems to be some confusion over when one starts a novena leading up to a Saint's day: do you finish your ninth day of prayers on the Saint's day or do you finish the day before? Not sure. I like the idea of finishing the day before, and leaving the actual Saint's day for simple prayers and offerings.

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I'm really digging the approach that Ivy (from takes. I'm looking at the Hygromanteia material in a whole different way.

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